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August 28, 2013
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“Trust me Alfred, humans are nothing but toys and food to us. They’re not worth caring about” Arthur held his brother close to him. Alfred was a young vampire, he knew of humans but questioned why he had to stay away from them.

“But I wanted to play with those guys” Alfred frowned and pointed outside to a group of children playing.

“But look” Arthur tilted his head to look at a group of boys surrounding a crying boy.

“they will see that you are different from them and they will hate you. They will shun you and make you an outcast” Arthur murmured into his ear.

~Le Timeskip and nobody’s POV~

Alfred ignored Arthur’s words he had told him so often as a child. He never let that stop him from finding (y/n). she was Alfred’s everything to him. He felt almost ashamed that she had yet to learn that he was actually a vampire. Alfred saw himself as a ‘heroic’ vampire since he only drank the blood of criminals. Alfred was afraid of (y/n) would view him as a monster and leave him to be with someone else, another human.

Alfred tried so hard to blend into human society. He had a large, beautiful home, a well paying job and his lovely (y/n). Nobody ever suspected him of anything. His vampire abilities surpassed others of his kind so he never had to worry. Crosses didn’t bother him and he could eat garlic. He could be in sunlight for long hours with only a severe sunburn worse than normal ones if he didn’t wear protective clothes. He could eat and sleep like a regular human. He only drank blood twice a month if needed. His one and only flaw was that he could die by being submerged in holy water, which was very unlikely to happen. Alfred was the new modern vampire unlike many others.

~Your POV~

You woke up in the middle of the night feeling cold. You turned to see Alfred out of bed. He was sitting on the balcony. You got up quietly and walked over to him while his back was turned to you. You smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck and hugged him.

“(y/n), it’s late. You should go back to bed” Alfred murmured

“Not without you” you muttered barely above and whisper. Alfred chuckled and stood up and followed you back into the bedroom. You crawled onto the bed and wormed your way under the soft and plush sheets as Alfred joined you.

Alfred pulled you close and kissed your forehead as you fell back into sleep. You were Alfred’s greatest happiness.

A loud crash alerted Alfred to an intruder. (y/n) was deep asleep so no noise bothered her. Alfred quietly slipped out of bed once more and bundled the blankets close to (y/n) so the absence of his heat did not awaken her.

~Alfred’s POV~

I carefully walked downstairs to see a face I was hoping never to see again. Arthur’s.

“Ah, hello old chap. It’s been a long time since I saw my baby brother, how’s pretending to be human working out for you?” Arthur grinned as he sat comfortably on my sofa like he owned the place.

“what the hell are you doing here and what do you want?” I hissed at him.

“I came to eat” Arthur smirked as one of his fangs protruded from his upper lip.

“Stay away from my (y/n) I growled and flashed my fangs at him.

“So that’s the name of the delicacy I smell” Arthur licked his lips and stood up.

“Get out….” I growled deeper and hissed with my fangs aimed at him. He attempted to dash around me until I grabbed his arm and threw him back.

~Your POV~

You awoke to crashing and yelling downstairs. You quickly rushed down to see Alfred fighting against another blonde male. Both of them were trying to strangle the other and were those vampire fangs?!

Sure enough, Alfred had long, sharp-looking canines menacingly pointed at the male above him pinning him down.

“(y/n), run, hide!!” Alfred yelled and you were frozen. Your legs felt as heavy as lead and that they were full of jelly. You wanted to move but your body wouldn’t cooperate.

Alfred continued to punch, hiss at and tackle the other male and fight him off. You felt so useless watching the fight, feeling as though there was nothing you could do. You looked to your side and saw the sun beginning to rise from the other side of the curtains.

“Alfred watch out!” You yelled and yanked the curtains open. Sunlight entered the room and Arthur screeched as it hit his skin. Arthur writhed and squirmed as his skin blistered and began disintegrating into ashes. You looked at Alfred who stared down at the pile of ashes.

“Alfred, how are you still alive?” you asked as he stood in the light.

“Arthur’s an older vampire so he can’t be in sunlight. I’m a younger one so I’ve adapted to sunlight quite well. I’m the hero, I can’t die!” he laughed and hugged you tightly.

“I’m just glad he didn’t hurt you” Alfred murmured and hugged you closer to him.

“(y/n)?” Alfred whispered and looked down at you

“Yeah?” you stared back up into his swimming ocean blue eyes.

“You don’t think I’m a monster now that you know I’m a vampire?” he asked

You gently leaned up and kissed him passionately. He smiled and returned the kiss by wrapping his arms around your waist.

“I love you Alfred, I don’t care that you’re a vampire. It just makes you cooler” you smiled and pulled him down for another kiss.

~Extended Ending~

“Hey Alfred, guess what?”


“we’re a better love story than Twilight”
I had to write that ending.......I couldn't resist. I apologize if it's not to anyone's liking. I appreciate comments greatly!!!!~
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