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August 22, 2013
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“Ms. (y/n) you may need more surgery if your hip does not heal” the doctor explained as you laid on the cold hospital bed. You were the country of (c/n). Your country was suffering an economic crisis, as predicted, your body took its toll.

“You may experience difficulty walking for long periods of time. We suggest you use a wheelchair mainly” the doctor explained further while you nodded.

“There’s someone here to take you home” a nurse entered and the doctor nodded before turning to you and smiling as he left the room.

“Privet (y/n)!” Ivan walked in and your face lit up.

“I came to take you home” He smiled and lifted you up before gently setting you in your wheelchair.

To many countries, Russia was scary. You looked past that and discovered he was more of a giant teddy-bear than some crazy power-hungry lunatic that most people assumed of him.

After placing you in his car, he drove you home. Only a little while later, you realized he was driving to his house instead.

“How come we’re going to your house Ivan?” you asked and looked up at him.

“So I can watch you and take care of you” Ivan smiled

“I feel like an old woman, I’m already having hip problems!” you sighed

“Don’t be silly (y/n)! You are a country, problems happen that cause physical problems for us.” Ivan smiled and ruffled your hair.

The car slowly came to a halt as Ivan parked the car in the driveway of his large house.

“Ivan, my wheelchair can’t go through snow” you looked up at him.

“I know….” He smiled and took off his scarf. You were amazed that he removed it, what happened next shocked you. He wrapped it around your neck. He gently leaned forward and picked you up. He carefully lifted you onto his back and carried you towards the house.

“Are you sure I’m not heavy?” you self-consciously asked

“You feel like a feather to me. I can carry you for days without putting you down!” Ivan chuckled as he opened the front door. He walked over to his plush sofa next to the fireplace and gently placed you on the couch.

Ivan left and quickly came back inside with your wheelchair. He placed it by the couch and walked over to the fireplace. He tossed in a few logs of firewood before lighting it ablaze with a match.

“I’ll go bring you something warm to drink” Ivan turned and smiled at you. Your cheeks dusted pink as you shyly smiled back. Ivan was so sweet towards you that it was nearly impossible to have not developed romantic feelings towards the large nation.

“Here,” Ivan came back and handed you a mug of hot chocolate.

“Ivan, why do you want to take care of me? I know you said before you didn’t want to control my country, but why help me out?” you asked and looked up at him.

He set down his mug and turned to you. His violet orbs glistened as they stared down at your (e/c) eyes.

“Because…….ya tebya lyublyu (y/n). I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for being my friend…..” Ivan choked out as tears threatened to fall.

You gently scooted closer and wrapped your arms around him. Ivan hugged you tightly back and sobbed into your shoulder.

“I love you too Ivan……I’m here….” You smoothed his platinum hair and held him.

“how can someone like you love me? Everybody hates me or they’re afraid” Ivan murmured

“because no one can see the warmth you have inside you. Others see your cold exterior but I see your heart for what it is. You only want warmth and friends.” You answered.

Ivan pulled away from the hug and gave you a warm hug before passionately kissing you. It was like a wave of heat washed over you, filling you with warmth. Ivan’s arms snaked around your waist gently as your hands played with his soft hair.

“stay with me, da?” he chuckled as you nodded happily.

“you are my one and only sunflower. You make me so happy just by seeing you….” Ivan grinned and pulled you onto his lap.

~Le Timeskip~

“Where is Mr. Russia?” Latvia asked until he saw Lithuania and Estonia who shushed him and pointed. Latvia stuck his head out around the corner and saw Russia asleep with (c/n) laying on top of his stomach on the couch by the fire.

“They look so cute!” Latvia squealed until Lithuania slapped a hand over his mouth.

“Be quiet will you!?” Lithuania whispered

“He’ll have your head if you wake him or (y/n) up!” Estonia chided quietly. Latvia nodded with Lithuania’s hand still covering his mouth.
Finally made it! I had a little writer's block for a bit. I finally gave Russia a turn in my country x Injured!Reader series. :iconyayrussiaplz: I have no clue about broken hips. All i know is that it's difficult to walk for long periods of time and most people use wheelchairs. Picture and Russia don't belong to me. I hope it's not crappy!
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I really do think of Ivan as this golden-hearted teddy bear.
I love this story it's so cute :)
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