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August 19, 2013
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“Romano this is your fault!!!” You yelled as you ran as fast as you could with Romano running beside you.

Lovino had decided to tease Spain’s bull for fun. You waved your arms to get him to stop as the bull snorted. It thought you both wanted to play so he chased after you both.

“Get the tomato bastardo to stop his bull!!!” Lovino yelled

You tried to run a different direction until you tripped. You landed and a wave of pain was felt in your ankle. You assumed you twisted it. Lovino turned and saw you on the ground. The bull ducked its head so he grabbed its horns and pushed. The bull snorted and stopped.

“Shoo! Away!” Lovino yelled and the bull trotted off.

“Let’s get you inside!” Lovino scooped you up and ran back to Spain’s house with you.

~Le Timeskip~

“It’s only sprained, but your ankle is pretty badly sprained. Try to keep off of it and keep it elevated. Have a lovely day!” The doctor left the house and you laid down on the couch.

“Look what your stupid cow did!” Romano huffed with his arms folded.

“He was only trying to play!” Spain retorted

“I’m sure he was…..” you sighed as Romano came over and sat next to you on the couch.

“I’m sorry…..” he muttered

“for what?” you asked

“If I hadn’t provoked that stupid cow, you wouldn’t have gotten hurt….” Romano looked at you.

“It’s ok, Lovino. I tripped, it’s not your fault” you smiled and hugged him. He stiffened up but relaxed and wrapped an arm around you.

“Ah, mi romano esta enamorado! (my romano is in love)” Spain cooed  at us as he walked into the kitchen.

“SHUT UP SPAIN!!” Romano hollered as Spain laughter was heard from the kitchen.

“what’d he say?” you asked

“N-nothing important…..” Romano blushed.

“Ok” you smiled and leaned back on the couch. Romano blushed and pulled a blanket over you.

“I brought food!” Spain chirped as he walked in with a try of food. Romano sped off the couch, grabbed the tray and resumed sitting on the couch next to you.

“You are going to eat every damn piece of food on this tray!” Romano declared. You gulped and began eating.

“Make sure to chew! I don’t need you choking!” Lovino grumbled

“Are you worried about me Lovino?” you asked

“Eat dammit!” he barked and blushed as you continued eating. Lovino lifted the blanket until your feet were uncovered. He grabbed one and gently started massaging it.

“Are you giving me a foot massage?” you asked

“Si….” He muttered

“Thank you Lovino, but why?” you looked at him as he blushed and avoided your eyes

“Because…..that’s what your supposed to do when caring for someone you love….” Lovino blushed and looked at you

“You love me?” you asked

“Ti amo (y/n)…..” Lovino murmured as he reached forward and cupped your cheek.

“Ti amo troppo Lovino…..” you muttered and blushed as his eyes widened in surprise as you returned the feelings in his language.

“kiss me already” Lovino almost growled and pulled your lips to meet his in a fiery and passionate kiss.

“Se Esta caliente aqui o se trata solo de que dos? (is it hot in here or is it just you two?)” Spain chirped as he left the house

“Zitto stupido!! (shut up stupid!)” Lovino barked

~Le Timeskip~

“Good boy! Thanks for chasing (y/n) and Romano! They got together so Italy owes me 20$!” Spain patted his bull on the head as it snorted happily.
Picture does not belong to me, neither does Romano. Sorry if the spanish and italian is incorrect, i used google translate. Sorry if it's crappy. I added the foot massage because i want one so heels are killing me....anyways! Comments are greatly appreciated!!!
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Romano's gonna be so pissed!
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Thank you Spain
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I absolutely loved it. Although Romano short-tempered, he's still one of my favorite characters. :)
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SPAIN YOU FUCKING BASTARD! Oh crap, Romano's already rubbing off on me. *facepalm*
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