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January 1, 2013
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"Does Sweden hate me?" you asked Finland with a down tone

"No! I don't think he hates anyone, at least, that I know of!" Tino explained

"He always avoids me and never talks to me. Did I do or say something to offend him?" you wondered

"Maybe, but he normally doesn't feel affected by insults" Tino continued

"Really? Why?"

"Denmark curses at him and insults him for hours when he comes home drunk"

"Oh, I'm going to go apologize anyway, I wouldn't feel right if I didn't" you bid Finland farewell and began searching for Sweden.

Then you noticed a cat, a dark grey male sitting on the windowsill. You cautiously walked up to it. He turned to you and meowed, this cat had stern expression on it's face.

"Denmark, have you see Sweden?" you asked when you noticed the Dane laying on the couch.

He chuckled and looked at the cat for a moment, then back at you.

"Nope! Haven't seen Ber all day" he laughed and sipped his beer.

You picked up the cat and kept looking.

"I really hope I get the chance to apologize to him. I didn't mean to upset Sweden" you muttered to yourself and continued your search. You ventured outside to see if Berwald was chopping firewood or out in Tino's workshop helping prepare for Christmas.

No sign of him anywhere. You were about to head inside when you heard a hiss and a strange slithering sound. You slowly turned around to see a snake. Not just any snake, a European Viper. They were venomous and very fast.

"Oh no…." you whimpered. You panicked and tried to think of what to do. Run? No, the viper is faster than you. Call for help? No, the viper would become irritated and bite you. Grab something and try to fight it? Fat chance.

The cat in your arms suddenly leaped out and stood between you and the snake. The cat hissed and raised its fur and bared its teeth. The viper's tongue flickered and it slowly reared its head to show its two prominent fangs.

The snake lunged and the cat barely avoided being bitten. The snake turned and bit the cat's hind leg. The cat yowled in pain and scratched the viper across the face.

The viper flinched and hissed in anger. The viper struck again and sunk its teeth into the cat's side. The cat growled and bit onto the snake's head. The snaked hissed and released the cat. The cat growled and thrashed the snake around with it still in his mouth.

The snake eventually stopped moving and the cat dropped the bloody reptile. The cat had blood dribbling down it's mouth and was started to wobble from the venom. You rushed over and held the cat as it passed out. You sat on your knees in the snow as you cradled the cat on your lap.

"TINO! MATTHIAS!! HELP!!!" you hollered and the other four Nordics rushed out to see what happened.

They all gasped at the sight. A dead viper, a bloody cat and you looking frightened and pale as you held the unconscious cat.

"What happened?!" Tino asked and hugged you

"the viper came and the cat saved me. He was bit twice, we need to take him to the vet or something!" you explained

"a vet won't help…" Matthias muttered and all eyes were on him.

"what? Why?" you asked and Matthias started sobbing

"Because that's not a cat! That's Berwald!" he choked out and pointed to the feline.

"How!?" you asked again

"I was drunk, and I went through Lukas' potions and found a unique one. I poured it on Berwald and turned him into a cat! I thought it was funny at first, but now… he may die because of me!" Denmark explained

"Emil, go get the antivenin, I still have some left! Oh and grab the green bottle on my desk" Lukas yelled at his younger brother who sprinted inside.

Iceland came back and handed both bottles to Norway. He began pouring them into the cat's mouth.

Berwald began slowly breathing and Norway rushed to give Berwald the green bottle's contents.

The cat stayed still. No breathing, no heartbeat.

"No! Berwald, don't die. Please no! I'm sorry! I'm sorry you died saving me! I'm sorry if I said something to make you hate me! I don't hate you, or mean to hurt your feelings. I love you! That's why I was afraid you hated me!" you sobbed and held him close to you.

The other Nordics began crying as well. Denmark was sobbing. Finland was softly crying and tried to control himself from sobbing. Norway was shaking as he cried while holding onto his brother, who sobbed into his chest. All of them were heartbroken….until….

The cat began growing and changing as he transformed back into a human. Berwald grunted and groaned as he began steadily breathing once more. He groaned and opened his eyes and saw you.

"Hey (y/n)" he weakly smiled, you smiled down at him and held him close.

"You're alive!" you choked out and hugged him tightly

"I'm alive" he sighed and sat up.

"(Y/n)….about what you said….I don't hate you. I was never mad at you, you never said or did anything to upset me…. Jag älskar dig (I love you). That's why I had to save you. I couldn't live with myself knowing I couldn't save you just because I was a cat" he explained

"I love you too Berwald!" you sniffled and planted kisses all over his face.

"Does this mean I get to call you my wife?" he smiled

"Of course, but, isn't finland your wife?" you asked curiously and the other nordics stopped crying and looked at Finland

"I only call him that to see his reaction. It makes me laugh" Berwald chuckled

Finland had a surprised but happy expression and everyone laughed.

"I'm just glad your safe now" you murmured

"I'm juts glad your my wife now" he added and pulled you down for a passionate kiss. He sat up and placed you in his lap and held you close. Your arms snaked around his neck and deepened the kiss. You two broke apart for air and pressed your foreheads together.

"Let's get inside. We'll have hot chocolate!" Finland remarked and everyone followed him back inside the house. You squeaked as Sweden picked you up with ease. He slowly carried you bridal-style into the house. You blushed and snuggled into his chest. He smiled as he leaned down and kissed the top of your head tenderly.
COMMENT BEFORE YOU ADD TO FAVORITES!!!!! thank you to all my loyal readers who've read all or most of this series! I appreciate it greatly! Comments are worshiped! ^-^ Hope you enjoyed it! I'll be doing Finland and Scotland then that's it, unless someone requests a different Cat!Country X reader
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APHzombieGermany Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
This was just so cute. I love this story.
o my god that is so sweet!!!! thank you Berwald!!!!! *hugs him tightly*
Ticci-Tock Mar 17, 2014  New member
LOVE IT veee~
chals099 Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I love it!! Your stories are amazing!!! Keep up the amazing work!!!!
109144 Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
uhh why didnt reader-chan relize or any one relize Sweden was naked?
actually, In my brain i pictured him with clothes on when he became human again. The other half-cat inserts, I purposefully mention they don't have clothes on as a bit of humor and fan service.
That makes sense.
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