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December 30, 2012
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"Mommy we want cats!" your little sister (her name), pleaded to your mom in hopes she would get you both cats for Christmas.

"I don't know…" she mumbled and gazed down at both you and your sibling. Both of you used puppy eyes on her.

"Fine, but you two take care of them! I am not scooping any litter boxes! Got it?" she gave in. Both of you squealed and hugged her legs.

The three of you arrived at the animal shelter. You were led to the cat and kitten section. Your sister wandered over to the kittens and started cooing at them.

You, however, wanted a cat, not a kitten. You gazed at all the anxious felines in hopes one would catch your eye. You noticed a cat alone in the corner.

You walked over to it and it turned to face you. It was a Scottish fold, he had light brown, almost orange patches around his right eye and his tail. He sniffed your hand curiously before backing away.

"That little guy's shy around people. He had a mate and a few kittens. One of his kittens and mate got adopted. He only has one kitten left in the kitten pen" the man, Heracles explained

"Mommy I want this one!" your sister held up a little fluffy white kitten that had dark fur around his neck, almost like a mane.

The Scottish fold's ears drooped as he watched your mom sign the forms to adopt him. You patted him on the head.

"That's your kitten, huh?" you asked him, he meowed and somewhat nodded his head.

"My sister's adopting him, If I adopt you, you can still be with him" you explained to the cat.

The cat perked up at you. He wiggled his tail and meowed. He began purring and rubbing against you. You picked him up and your mom filled out the forms for him too.

~Le Time Skiiiip~

A few years had passed since then. You now lived in a little condo of your own with Arthur, your cat. You gave him the name Arthur because it sounded intelligent and gentlemanly. He seemed to like it too, except…he hated it when you'd call him Iggy or Artie.

"Iggy, I made your favorite! Fish and Chips!" you called him to dinner and he came prancing into the kitchen.

"Who's my little gentleman?" you cooed before you placed his food bowl down. Arthur meowed and sat down before rubbing his head against your leg.

"You are!" you declared and set his dish down. He ate it slowly and finished quickly. The doorbell rang and Arthur leaped onto the bookshelf near the door and peeked through the hole. He hissed and ran under the couch. That could only mean one thing, your boyfriend was here.

"Ohonhonhon, ma cherie, open up!" Francis called and you opened the door. Francis was standing there with a bouquet of roses in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other.

Arthur hissed from beneath the couch and glared at the Frenchman as you invited him inside. You placed the roses in a vase and kissed his cheek.

"Where iz Arthur?" Francis asked, he spoke too soon. Arthur leaped out and bit onto his ankle.

"Oww!!" Francis leaped and kept his feet from the floor. Arthur purred in victory.

"Iggy! Bad cat! That wasn't nice!" You snapped at him. Arthur looked down at the floor in shame. He padded over to his basket and continued to glare at Francis.

"He doesn't like me much, non?" Francis sighed

"I'm sorry, he normally doesn't mind people. He just doesn't seem to like you" you explained in apology.

"Who cares if he doesn't like moi? All that matters iz if you like me, mon amour" he purred and pulled you close to his chest.

Arthur hissed and growled as he approached the two of you. Francis kissed you passionately, you wrapped your arms around his neck and closed your eyes.

Arthur's heart just about broke in two. He couldn't take it anymore and quietly slipped out the cat door.

~Le Time Skiiiip~

"Arthur, Arthur! Where are you?" you called for him. No response. He was gone.

"Francis, I need you to help me find Arthur" you asked and he grunted.

"Why should I care? Good riddance! I never liked that little fleabag anyway! All I need iz you, ma fleur" he winked at you suggestively. How dare he insult your Arthur! Your blood boiled as you raised your hand and slapped him across his cheek.

"You asshat! Get out! Don't ever come here or talk to me!" Yu growled and pointed to the door.

Francis approached the door and stopped before leaving.

"I never care for you much anyway. You never gave me what I wanted. I have plenty more women who'll gladly give it to me" Francis snickered before leaving for good. You broke down sobbing after you slammed the door shut behind him.

Francis had only loved you to try to sleep with you, when you wouldn't, he saw no use for you. Arthur was gone. You were alone.

"I just want my Arthur back" you croaked and wiped the wet tears off your face.

"I wish I had my Arthur back! I don't want to be alone, I need him!" you choked out. You dried your eyes and began getting to work. You made fliers and posters of Arthur and went around town and posted them. You came back home close to midnight and crashed on your couch.

That night, as you slept, Arthur came back in through the cat door. He had been sitting up a tree near your condo and saw everything that happened between you and Francis. You really did care about him.

~Arthur's POV~

'(y/n) care about me. She cried over me and put up posters. I really did matter to her. How dare that frog break her heart! Now look at her, she's a wreck.'

Arthur gazed at your tear-stained face pitifully. He looked towards your bookshelf and something caught his eye. A book on Black magic….

'I know! I'll become a human for (y/n)! I can be with her and give her the love she deserves,' he thought as he pried the book down and opened it. He began chanting the words and a magical glow illuminated the room. He felt himself change form.

~Your POV~

You woke up the next morning to feel yourself on your bed instead of the couch. You also felt a presence next to you.

You turned over to see a man with shaggy blonde hair and….wickedly huge eyebrows asleep beside you. You panicked and left the room to grab a phone and call the police!

You stopped when you saw one of your black magic books on the floor. It was opened to a spell about turning animals human.

Then it hit you like a ton of bricks. Arthur had turned himself human! You quickly rushed back to your room and sat beside your now-human Arthur.

"Arthur, wake up…" you murmured and nudged him. He groaned and rubbed his eyes.

"Huh….it worked! It worked!" he gasped staring at his hands.

"Arthur, you turned yourself human? Why?" you asked and your (e/c) colored orbs met his. His eyes were the most dazzling green you had ever seen, they outshone emeralds.

"I did it for you. I saw that frog ditch you. I saw everything, I saw you put up posters of me and look for me. I decided I wanted to become human to be with you," he blushed and looked down.

"Thank you Arthur," you smiled and hugged him. He became stiff, then relaxed and hugged back.

"I love you, (y/n). I want to be with you forever and always" he muttered and held you close.

"I love you too Arthur" you began crying tears, not sad ones, but ones of joy.

"D-Don't cry, please don't cry love!" he begged and wiped your cheeks with his thumbs and caressed your face. You smiled and nodded as he pulled you into the most tender kiss of your life. Francis' kisses were nothing compared to Arthur's.

"By the way, I hope you don't mind, but I borrowed some of your clothes" he explained and gestured to his big T-shirt and pajama pants.

"It's ok, they look good on you" you giggled and kissed him again. He sighed into the kiss and pulled you on top of him.

"I don't think we'll be needing clothes soon" he panted and kissed your neck. You moaned and had no objections to were this was going.
This is another mission....i think it's safe to say succeeded? I wrote this one for England fans, I know there's hundreds of them out there 0.0 I'm still taking requests for other Cat!Country X Reader inserts. PLEASE COMMENT BEFORE YOU ADD THIS TO YOUR FAVORITES!!!!!
Picture doesn't belong to me, Belongs to the creator. Comments are worshiped!! ^-^
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