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I just found the worst song I've ever seen. I'm a mix between 'RIGHT IN THE FEELS!" and "So many people are gonna be pissed...." Here it is....

Twinkle, twinkle, marco's dead
Petra fell and broke her neck
Levi lost his scouting team
Eren heard his mother's screams
Twinkle, twinkle, marco's dead
This show f*cked me in the head

Don't ask me, I don't know who wrote it!!! That person probably got fed to the titans.....just sayin'.


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United States

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Makuro-Of-ShaDow Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student
Thanks for the watch btw :D
Shadowfollowed Featured By Owner 1 day ago
You are most welcome
ArtistGamerMage Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey check this out and tell me what you think please,…
Makuro-Of-ShaDow Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  Student
"If they see a strange person, they like to know them." Hah. I will admit I am intrigued by you and your writing, namely the Goddess business, I haven't read that far in yet.
(I have no idea how I've come across this place)
I might have some feedback on your writing if you're interested. If your not well then... hi I guess, your persona here has had me intrigued for the last half-hour.
Shadowfollowed Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014
really? Do tell. You've caught my interest as well.
Makuro-Of-ShaDow Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student
Ok. Sorry, ive been slowly getting through your stuff here, I think ive got a good hinge on things now :D
I'd say your lenore series has been the most fun to read, the characters are interesting and although the issues and the conflict are resolved fairly quick, they have enough content to keep the story interesting. Remember the key to prose is conflict, the more the characters clash/connect/interfere the better the narrative :P eg Mr Gosh and his lust-hunt for Lenore is one of the best bits in TCLDG :D (p.s whats the deal? Is lenore fan-fiction or your own stuff?)

Your first-person Goddess/witch stuff is good, an interesting reflection on an immortals life-experience. I think you need to work on your concluding paragraphs/outros to these things; as the mood of the narration acts like a parable or a short-story, you should try and get your story to work to a final message at the end, it'll give the piece a much more unified and polished feel.

I havent read much of your x-reader stuff, mainly because the majority of those are focussed on immersing female readers, where it kind of distances me being a guy. I cant really give much advice on this stuff because I dont read or write a lot of it, but if you want my initial opinion id say you're other stuff is more immersive for me :P

As for your writing, your descriptive language is good, but a little repetitive at times (I'm reaallyyy nit-picking right here). I reckon if you have a look at some poetry and renowned third-person authors, it will really benefit the flow and excitement of your description of scenes. Poetry has the ability to describe so much with so few words, if you can learn from that ability your writing will get even better than it is now :D

.....well that went for a bit longer than I expected. Please dont take this stuff as hate or harsh comments, just if you want to work on your writing technique these things might send ya in the right way :D hopefully this stuff is helpful, otherwise im taking up a lot of space on your front page.

Ima stop now, cya :|
Shadowfollowed Featured By Owner 3 days ago
holy cow that's a lot.

My Lenore series is fan-fiction based off of a comic by the same name written/created by Roman Dirge. I just basically created more little story bits to add some humorous pieces to my collection.

My witch goddess stories are a reflection of my inner experiences that are shrouded in a way so that readers won't know what really happened but they'll get an idea of what I've been through.

My X-reader stories are all written for friends and fellow deviants to appease the large female otaku population in the world and I do it to put little ideas down into a little story since they're not strong enough to become a complete story/series on their own. I completely understand that you're a male so this sort of thing is not your interest.

I try to write to the best of my abilities in a way that wouldn't confuse too many people because I use to write in an incredibly high diction but the words and descriptions confused people to a point where the plot couldn't be understood so I had to keep things easy for people to read. I do put a lot of time and thought into writing my stories carefully so whenever a reader comments on something or adds it to their favorites, I feel at ease knowing I attracted people's interest. I'm happy to know I actually have over 500+ watchers for a reason.

I do greatly appreciate the time and effort you've spent reading my stories and actually bothering to give me such nicely detailed feedback. Usually i just get the occasional "good job" or "keep it up" but this was well worth my time to read. I don't take any words you've said as harsh or hateful, but I'll look at it more as helpful and constructive criticism. Thank you very much. (Now I can't stop wondering how many of my stories have you actually read)

Great. Now I've written a ton too. Feel free to read anything I make and give me feedback!
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ArtistGamerMage Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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Send this to all your friends & me if I'm one......If you get 4 back u r likd but if u get 7 back then u r seriously loved
Shadowfollowed Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014
ArtistGamerMage Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
sorry, jeez, you dont need to bite my head off. i promise that ill never send you another chain letter. so how was your day?
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